My Promise to You

For more than a decade Harrisburg politicians have made promises and NOT kept them. Our Representatives pat themselves on the back as protectors of your tax dollars while spending more and more inside the State Capitol. These professional politicians think no one is paying attention outside Harrisburg. We are now. I promise to listen to your thoughts and concerns, help develop a plan for our community that pushes us forward, and then go to Harrisburg and get things done.

Our roads are riddled with potholes and our bridges are falling apart. Economic development requires drivable roads and bridges, and even a robust rail system. Investing in infrastructure promotes economic activity and creates good paying jobs.

With vocational support organizations, apprenticeship programs, and engagement by our community college, people working endless hours at low wages jobs will have training to get a better job. That’s why I will fight for workers’ rights — whether on the farm, the office, warehouse or the construction site — stating with raising the minimum wage to a livable wage.

Pennsylvania is in a unique position to invest in hemp and cannabis cultivation, production, and manufacturing. With local farms leading the way, we can connect rural communities to the international market by creating sustainable and biodegradable hemp products.

My first legislative action upon my return to the State Capitol in 2021, will be to eliminate 50 seats in the PA House of Representatives and 12 seats in the PA State Senate. This legislation will demand a proportional cut to the legislative appropriation taking steps to protect taxpayer dollars by forwarding legislation to ensure legislative leaders are held accountable for their waste and over spending.