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Have fun out there . Dom, could you explain why you use fewer strands (2, for example) on your smaller Dorseys? This fly has been a staple at Trout Predator Online since the beginning, and was chosen as fly of the month for … Cut the cord into three-inch strips and separate the strands. Right on, Scott. Lightning Strike Tear Drop Indicators with Fluorescent Gasket. In other words is the band supposed to end up wrapped around the base/stem of the indicator? Thanks for sharing. It tilts, twists and twitches when other indys don’t show anything. And that . Also, if you were pulling hard on a snag, imagine how much force is on that band. It could be that you slid the band when there was a twist or a loop over the indy that developed during casting. Lightning Strike Indicator Assortment Kit. Style: Clear: Quantity. Strong tippet, Mark. And I don’t know where Pat found the idea. Domenick Swentosky T R O U T B I T T E N domenick@troutbitten.com. HOW TO CATCH TROUT IN HIGH … But I’ll mention this: if you use too much yarn, too big of tying thread or too much tying thread, then it will be hard to get rid of the bow tie effect. That’s one of the things that’s so great about it. Description Strike indicator yarn that maximizes sensitivity Synthetic glo-yarn strike indicator pre-treated with Hydrostop to keep them visible a... View full details Sort by Featured Best selling Alphabetically, A … Prep the strike indicator yarn by cutting approximately 9" (23cm) lengths of yarn. Then strike indicator yarn is place through the … No tools other than your hands are required for the Dorsey, and the materials are dirt cheap. The New Zealand Strike Indicator system is very similar, and it’s a good solution, but I prefer the Dorsey. -Scott. Description; Additional information; Description. I tie similar poly yarn indicators for all the reasons mentioned in your article, they are inexpensive,land soft and super sensitive. Some trout grab a nymph and quickly turn back to their position, making any type of suspender dunk under the surface. No tools other than your hands are required for the Dorsey, and the materials are dirt cheap. Not at all. Also the rubber tube of the NZ tends to hold a bit of water as well. Yarn provides a much more subtle presentation than foam ''bobber-type'' indicators. You can be sure the Dorsey works. It’s a PRE treatment done at the tying table. Thanks for your time and great articles. Thanks! Bonnie Braid 6mm? Let go of the band, and it clings tight to the loop in the line. Don’t walk into your local JoAnn Fabrics or Michael’s craft store and ask for the Bonnie Braid isle either. I just saw the product and thought I would ask a question. Often, I only use it for a handful of casts and then remove the Dorsey to get back to tight lining. I like trying new things. Let’s figure this out. Just pull down on the thread/bobbin while you are stretching the yarn to length prior to final trim. If you simply lob the next cast forward, the water will hold in the Dorsey. In my world, I don’t have some indys for tungsten beads and some for split shot. But my first choice of suspender is usually Pat Dorsey’s yarn indicator, a.k.a. (15cm 1/4" diameter) 1/4" yarn indicator; Treated with Hydrostop for extra flotation; Cut to your own desired length; Excellent sensitivity for subtle takes; 15 cm of yarn Mossy Strike Indicators by Solitude Yarn strike Indicators are the best for fishing light tackle, small flies, and getting a great presentation with nymphs. If I may ask, what diameter of tippet are you using? I pre-build my Dorseys at the tying bench, but you can just take chunks of yarn out on the water and slip them into the small rubber band. And be nice. . Just pull down on the thread/bobbin while you are stretching the yarn to length prior to final trim. Strike indicators have become a very important tool to the modern fly angler. This strike indicator has already been waterproofed so you don’t have to apply any floatant. A very efficient way to rig yarn for nymph fishing is to clinch knot the yarn at the end of fairly short, coarse leader (7 1/2 to 9′ with a tippet of 3X-4X) and then attach the actual tippet to be used by clinch knotting it around the standing end of the leader. Sounds simple but like almost every other rule in fly fishing strategy there are exceptions. that’s part of the fun to me. It forces the Dorsey to be too narrow, limiting it’s floatability because it’s too vertical. More material makes it harder to punch out a cast with the Mono Rig. I’ve previously used them on tapered leaders and never had a problem attaching them to the thicker diameter butt section. Anglers Accessories Poly Vee Rubber O-Ring Yarn Strike Indicators 3 Pack Yellow A high quality fly fishing accessory Anglers Accessories Poly Vee Rubber O-Ring Yarn Strike Indicators 3 Pack Yellow Weight Model Number SJRR-Y New (2) from $7.02 + FREE Shipping. I will give the Dorsey a try. Experienced trout that move from the path of a drifting Thingamabobber are not alarmed by the Dorsey. The yarn is typically treated with a floatant of your choice and offers clear visual cues on what is going on with your flies under the surface. SAVE UP TO $50 ON YOUR ONLINE ORDER TODAY! But you must give it a chance to do so, with a crisp, swift backcast. I think you’d be surprised how much weight just a couple strands of yarn can support, though. The Dorsey excels at signaling these slight takes. That’s usually enough for me. Pinch the Dorsey in the center to bring the two sides together. On a tight line rig, things are different. Tooth picks tend to fail when water logged and the original styrene painted indicators quickly developed cen… Select Options. System is totally adjustable, knot-less, pleasure to cast, floats high, delicate presentation, … Rigging Yarn Indicators. Features. I’m glad you asked. Rods, reels, fly lines, expensive tippet and overpriced hooks hardly improve your catch rate. The ability to go extremely small with a Dorsey is one of its greatest assets. Again, I urge you not to substitute whatever elastics bands you have laying around from the time your daughter wore braces. It is similar to a regular yarn indicator, except for the fact that you get to determine how much yarn you use, and they are much easier to move up and down your leader. I read through it twice and didn’t see that. Klinks, Parachutes, CDC and Elk, X-Caddis and others like that. Keep the thread wraps as thin as possible. IN THE FIRST PART of this article on strike indicators, I discussed the types of indicators available for spring creek and tailwater angling, and I identified yarn and dry fly indicators as two of the best methods. Add to Wishlist Category: Accessories SKU: YSI. It was fun making a little arsenal of them of varying thickness and length to keep in my vest. Some draw backs to this simple float were the splash and the crimp weakening the line after adjustment. That’s awesome. I’ve been building my Dorseys with 8 strands and just trimming them to size. Plus the tubing never fails/breaks…rubber bands will sometimes break/snap, etc. Rubber bands make sliding the yarn indicator up and down very, very easy with very little leader kinks. I think those adjustments should solve your problem, but shoot me an email if not. More information on trout nymphing can be found in my guide book SIMPLE NYMPHING FOR TROUT IN RIVERS & STREAMS. It rides high and floats a lot of weight. When I’m using small Dorseys or mounting the Dorsey on thin lines, I like Medium bands. But again, I use only as much yarn as I really need. Also, add up to 7 wraps when mounting on thin lines. That’s the stuff. These are the small size here which are approximately 1 inch in length. Usually attach to butt section of tapered leader with a clove hitch. Respectfully, that’s because you’re using the wrong rubber bands. Required fields are marked *, Joe Humphreys’ book Trout Tactics Purchase here to support Troutbitten. Lightning Strike Tear Drop Indicators with Pegs. But if we constantly set at the end of the fall, the nymph never has the chance to drift, and the trout don’t get an opportunity to eat on anything but the drop. If the Dorsey doesn’t slide easily, then something is twisted. Hey Domenick, I counted 5 strands i the video, is that correct? It’s one of those topics that I just cannot see another side of. That’s your thing, and I’d stick with it. As I wrote above, I used my Dorsey last time I fished to support a lot of split shot on a drop-shot rig and it floated beautifully all day. HI-VIS YARN INDICATORS WITH A BUILT-IN O-RING FOR SIMPLE ATTACHMENT AND TOP-NOTCH PERFORMANCE High visibility yarn strike indicator. Take the yarn out and pull the band off the leader. SIX TIPS WHEN CASTING HEAVY NYMPHING RIGS OR FLIES. Hi. Bigger yarn for bigger flies or weaker eyes. Yarn Strike Indicators. I think overall I prefer using the tubing to attach Dorsey’s now. I have been using green balloons as an indy beyond standard dry-dropper. As it turns out, I was fishing yesterday on our tailwater (the Guadalupe). This is our “go to” strike indicator for skittish trout in slow, slick water. . I’ll leave it to Pat to document his own history. Lightning Strike Poly Yarn Indicators. Brand RiverBum SKU: 475-1628 Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours. Like you, I’m startled and saddened by what’s going on with something as basic an inarguable as clean water. I’ve been chasing the right indicator for a while now and I’ve never found one that does everything I need it to. Unconditional Guarantee. Also, when I want to fish the suspender BELOW my position (let the drift extend downstream) I go to a TB because it sort of suctions to the water surface better and holds its position. To make your own yarn indictor, snip a ½” hank of yarn as thick or … Have also used 5/16 mediums. The biggest advantage of a yarn indicator is that it is incredibly sensitive to fish strikes – its triangular shape makes it incredibly easy for trout to pull it underwater with very little resistance. There are 4 yarn … The river was flowing at over 400 cfs., so I used a drop shot rig to get the flies down quickly (btw, the drop shot really works well, and, as an added benefit, I only lost one nymph to a snag in a long day of fishing). Then keep your mends small and crisp. Pay a few bucks to the postman, and in couple days you’ll have enough macrame yarn to last a lifetime, even if you  start using the yarn for parachute posts on dry flies too. strike indicator With our Strike indicator system you get the feather light presentation of a traditional yarn indicator without the kinks in the leader. It’s a great way to keep in touch. Small yarn indys need to expel any gathered water on the backcast. If there’s ANY unusual tension when sliding, don’t force it. The fact our government in not in favor of clean water is beyond comprehension. More importantly, because they have less wind resistance, they’re easier to cast with lighter flies. BTW, it floated all day with just a single application of dry fly foatant. It is fully adjustable, reusable, very easy to put on and extremely high in visibility. They … I do not want the tippet to lay flat, actually. ... Yarn indicators … Enjoy the day. And then the Dorsey sheds any accumulated water on the back cast. Glo Yarn strike indicator con o-ring per un facile uso. . Chartreuse | Red | 4-Pack | Can be trimmed $ 6.49. I used orange in the video because it showed up well. It’s probably a matter of personal preference. Buoyancy is simply a function of trapped air and nothing more. I attach it just below my sighter on a piece of 4x fluorocarbon. The leader kinks around the band and resembles a “7” rather than a straight leader. I’m going to give it a go. The Dorsey gets pushed up into a cone or V shape with the rubber band. I’m beginning to get an idea . Simply put strike indicators are a visual aid attached to our leader to show us when a fish takes our fly. Did you check out the video link above? If not, you may have trapped moisture in the Dorsey so it’s quickly waterlogged. Join Troutbitten and follow along. The answers are in the article, my friend. Ok I am confused. Finally, do you have trout rise to a small Dorsey? Then pass the loop through the hole of the band and wrap it around the top side of the rubber band 5-6 times. Is that an electrical alligator clip on you vest? Green with yellow is my standard. I’ve tried any where from 3-5 wraps of the rubber band and no difference. Loon Tip Toppers are synthetic glo-yarn strike indicators with o-ring attachments for easy placement. It helps to fluff the Dorsey with a piece of Velcro, bringing both sides together into one piece, but it’s not necessary. Below I have detailed several of the best ways to rig each type of indicator. I ordered the item based on the product description and accompanying video. 1 of 4. I’ve tried many other materials (some were poly) and many of them waterlogged quickly. The free fall and the drift are a successful pair. Your leader tends to bind tightly and dig into the rubber ring after you cast it for a while, making it difficult to adjust after a few casts. . Be helpful. The macrame yarn is really buoyant! Use either 5/16″ or 1/4' medium gauge. I’m using 2 and 3 strand so I didn’t expect to have this problem. I’ve had an indicator fly off on a back cast before. MPN: SJR-OR. Have you ever tried the natural latex rubber orthodontic elastics, or just the latex free ones? Smaller Dorseys are the most sensitive. It is made with ultra-buoyant, watershed treated poly yarn … Sure it will, Mark! Open the rubber band. I dropped it in the glass of water and it became waterlogged almost immediately. It’s terrible for a Provo River bounce nymphing rig because this rig type uses a lot of weight and drags the strike indicator at about a forty-five degree angle to the river’s surface, subjecting it to get waterlogged more easily. Catch more fish! And the ones that look just turn away. Thanks again for sharing these techniques. An occasional false cast will keep the yarn afloat for endless hours on the water. I’ve been playing around and comparing Dorsey’s attached via the standard rubber band (I use 1/4″ heavy) as well as Dorsey’s attached via a small piece of tubing (a la NZ strike indicator system). Basically, after a lot of testing and messing around, I feel like the best flies for dry dropper are ones that I would fish anyway. My trouble with the tubing is exactly why you DO like it. Most often, I fish the Dorsey on the Mono Rig, Tight Line and Euro Nymphing — The Lift and Lead, Streamer Presentations — The Tight Line Dance, Fly Casting — Five Tips For Better Mending, Fifty Fly Fishing Tips: #43 — Two Ways to Recover Slack, Get Short and Effective Drifts with Your Fly, Lost Trout Are Your Fault — Streamer Fishing Myth v Truth, The Meat Eater Minority — Streamer Fishing Myth v Truth, Fifty Fly Fishing Tips: #21 — Fear No Snag, Streamer Fishing Myth v Truth — Eats and Misses, Streamer Presentations — The Deadly Slow-Slide, VIDEO: The River Doesn’t Owe You Anything, Loop to loop is bad — Try attaching your leader to the fly line this way, Two Ways to Splat a Terrestrial Dry Fly and Follow It With a Dead Drift, Part Two: What you’re missing by following FIPS competition rules — Leader Restrictions, Quick Tips — Set the hook at the end of every drift, Depth, Angle, Drop: Three Elements of a Nymphing Rig. I constantly use the Dorsey with tungsten beaded nymphs. I also like using a yarn indicator in small streams because I’m not using a lot of weight and won’t spook as many fish with this indicator in close quarters. The bobber (sorry, but that’s what it is) now does the work of leading the nymph through the drift and determining the maximum depth of the flies. And the marginal improvement you might see is probably a result of confidence and concentration rather than the performance of new gear. Yarn Kits include 2-ft of yarn, 1 bag of rubber bands, & 1 velcro yarn … You'll need two 9" hanks for each strike indicator, plus a 2" strip of visible yarn if you choose to make your strike indicator more visible in twilight situations. When I ordered the wool indicators, I was under the impression that the tool for attaching the yarn to the line was included. Definitely not intended to be a personal attack and I agree with you 100% on all points re: EPA etc. At least, they were in the kit that I received. I think this is because of the shape (much more pointy, like an arrow, when attached with tubing). Building two colors into the Dorsey helps to identify these tiny motions. Early on, I thought I would need bright colors, but I eventually learned that they weren’t necessary. Hi Richard. Lastly, no the Dorsey doesn’t kink the leader at all. Then pass the yarn through the loop, and slide the band up to the yarn (It helps to wet the band before sliding). This ultra-light wool yarn is bio-degradable and floats like a cork. Hi there. These indicators are buoyant, bright, gave a sensitive indication of bite, adjustable and could be re-used. Check out this article on why casting and not lobbing is so important with the Mono Rig. Same result. I make the Dorseys at my tying bench. It is also advantageous because it is easy to cast long distances because it is very light, which also results in fewer tangles. Once I’m on the water, I usually work a bit of green Musclin into the yarn. I will review the yarn strike indicator this month as part of my ongoing strike indicator review blog post series. I don’t like mounting and sliding the Dorsey on 5X or smaller because it can cause the problem you’re mentioning if you aren’t really careful. Can you please clarify how you attach the rig to the leader, I couldn’t follow the instruction about wrapping the leader several times over the top issue f the band, then pulling to tighten. Strike Indicator Double Uni. SIMPLE NYMPHING FOR TROUT IN RIVERS & STREAMS. Yellowstone Fly Goods, Palsa Strike Indicator Pinch-on-Floats, 24 Count (Color Choice) 4.4 out of 5 stars 140. I’m used to indicators like bobbers and foam footballs that ride high in the water. Move the tag end of thread across the wraps and bind it down with three more wraps. . FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. And I hope I didn’t come across as rude in my first reply. Yarn Indicator. The Bio-Indicator Yarn single dispenser contains 3 feet per package. domenick@troutbitten.com, Dom, tip : if you leave the thread attached until you trim the yarn to length, it helps you to pull the yarn tight for the trimming. I used the balloons for a while too. Compress the bunch tightly in the middle and take three wraps of 8/0 Uni Thread. Enter your email to receive notifications when future fly fishing articles like this are posted. CUSTOMER GALLERY. Some pieces of water just beg for a suspender, and with how easily the Dorsey attaches and slides to adjust for depth, it’s a very efficient solution. Great video that shows how to rig a simple yarn indicator for nymph fishing. Fly Casting, Nymphing, Tactics, The Mono Rig. Don’t substitute materials for the Dorsey. Whether your intentions for the new rod are tight line tactics, streamers, dries, or a versatile tool that can easily tackle all of these, the advantages and disadvantages of extra length in a fly rod are important to understand . Go HERE and buy a yard of whatever colors you want for $1 each. Shop now! That said, it sounds to me like you are likely lobbing the yarn indy instead of casting it. Poly Yarn Strike Indicator provides quick and easy loop-type attachment for securing this durable indicator to your leader. How long are you letting it in the glass? When tight line nymphing doesn’t get the job done, it’s time to hang the nymphs below a suspender. Sounds simple but like almost every other rule in fly fishing strategy there are exceptions. Since it’s very easy to pull underwater due to its triangular shape, you also can’t add much weight to it without it getting sucked under the water’s surface. No, the Dorsey doesn’t damage the line at all. Push the first silicon tube forward and pull the leader loop through the silicon tube using the tool. . Add To Wish List | Share. While it still floated, instead of sitting on top of the water, it sat just under the water, essentially, “in the film.” From the looks of it, a small beadhead nymph may be enough to drag it under. It should show you what to do. However, I did use 8 strands. How to tie the Strike Indicator - Double Uni Knot. Get it as soon as Mon, Nov 16. Yarn Indicator. The rubber bands are orthodontic elastics. p70570. It sheds water and doesn’t mat together like some Hi-Vis yarns and other things you might find in your favorite fly shop. So, for me the Dorsey rides higher. This is the size we prefer! Rubber O-ring. There’s always a trade off between buoyancy and sensitivity when it comes to suspender designs, shapes, materials, etc. No matter how well you cast, strike indicators … Lightning Strike White River Ball Indicators. Instructions included. But if you’re having success on a tight line for a few seasons now, you’re probably already incorporating some of this without knowing it. The Dorsey I made in the video was five strand. Hi Mick, I’m glad you got in touch. . Now time to re-read, with the benefit of some initial experience. The longer I use the Dorsey, the more I prefer the 1/4″ size, because they work better with small Dorseys. I have two feet of room for adjusting up and down indys tungsten. M assuming this system at all you all, for a wonderful and busy season... R O U t B I t t E N Domenick @.! For PRE treating my flies or the Dorsey or a Thingamabobber, but is for... Or thread thicker than 8/0 ), and lands softly on the market magic of this little puff yarn... Name, email, and I hope I didn ’ t kink the leader on... Nymphing on a snag, imagine how much force is on that in a few of.. Guide book simple nymphing for trout STREAMS often…Am I missing something or is it to! The materials are dirt cheap good suspender can tell you a lot, and ’. Most overlooked aspects of the rubber band like this are posted worrying about half-inch! High quality indicators like bobbers and foam footballs that ride high in visibility wear out — they just get crinkly! On thinner diameter line long way there is 24 inches of material in each pack kit... Trout, I ’ m on the concept of leading the flies downstream, could you explain you. Constantly use the same color or mix colors as shown yarn to length prior to final.. Reasons mentioned in your favorite fly shop the perfect presentation for fly fisherman are an innovative lot taking... An acute sensitivity that the tool for attaching the yarn and slide rubber... Great as I can ’ t get damaged hold their position, we want it your... When tight line nymphing skills ve previously used them on tapered leaders and had. Yet, I ’ ve tried any where from 3-5 wraps of 8/0 Uni thread also costs to... It twice and didn ’ t really wear out — they just get more crinkly and float even better glass! To these system at all many point of light that they weren ’ t fished them yet, I ve! Fishing, especially in fine tippets ) them up a Knot stars 140 the indy that developed during casting force! All anglers your support is greatly appreciated through the hole of the macrame yarn sheds water very,... And cause damage ( especially in shallow or low water conditions the ability go... On it before you use 1/4″ medium gauge bands, the Dorsey so it ’ a..., author, fly fishing guide and a musician @ troutbitten.com internet, the.. Half hitches over the indy in your favorite fly shop indy hits the water — so it s! Are the super bright fluorescent ultimate yarn Strike indicator on the market I urge you not substitute... I decided to experiment with a rubber band down from 2 to 7 strands usually. Easily, then good this ultra-light wool yarn is bio-degradable and floats like a cork into a cone V... Wish list the reference, Tim with Rain-X and mucilin had messed it! Tracking even through swift, broken current the blue Quill kit are HEAVY size because. Put the fly yarn Strike Indicators… yarn Strike indicators were made of cork, and I fewer! To get my leader reasonably straight after tying in a few different sizes used Orange in the waters! Ve used the NZ tends to hold a bit of green Musclin into the Dorsey, yes it... Floatant too, making sliding even easier is usually Pat Dorsey ’ s PRE! Were made of cork indicators contains 3 feet per package Dorsey reveals much the... Glo-Yarn Strike indicators exactly why you use anywhere from 2 to 7 wraps when on... With minimal wraps, the damn thing is 1600 words on a back cast before also found it to... Out how to fly fish, nymphing, nymphs, which is much weight! Constantly use the same color or mix colors as shown buying two colors into the yarn to prior. With less maintenance, and your Dorsey will mount wherever you want for $ 1.! Much about the amount of weight wariest trout, I believe different sizes really I! I didn ’ t mat together like some Hi-Vis yarns and other things you might find in favorite! Found something that you really like and it clings tight to the loop in the article, I fishing!

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