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Lol. I poured my pan in the same matter, but left in the adjustable drain during the pour. Screw it right over the existing drywall, between the GoBoard and the ceiling. I had planned on using Hydro Ban for two reasons. A lot of paints have additives that help ward off mold and mildew. We are in the middle of two bathroom remodels and the contractors have layered shower rated drywall, paper, lathe and cement to build up the walls and floors. We don’t have any sharp, pronounced bumps. Hi, I’m redoing my shower. Quartz is the way to go, anyway. Mrs. I suspect the biggest issue is you don’t want excess moisture trapped in the concrete, since Redguard is water-soluble until it is dry. I am wondering if you can help me. This goes right over the concrete, over the plastic edge of the drain, and up the walls a few feet. I had no choice but to create my own concrete shower base because I was making a non-standard size shower floor. What are the acceptable methods to waterproofing the redi niche and Durock edges (basically around the niche)? Thanks Chuck for that tip. Works great. December 21, 2012, 8:44 am. is something like that necessary to prevent leakage? Keep up the good work! I used concrete board, I’m doing the seams with tape and thinset today and will be doing redgard tomorrow/this weekend. Having trouble removing all of the paint layer on top of the stain. I am in the process of redoing my bathtub tiles. The sheet wasn’t going to work when I did an inset shelf in the master, so RedGuard it was – cool stuff. Is there a way to waterproofing the plaster wall with out having to replace it or tilling over it? If we ever move and build again the shower in the ensuite will be tiled, and maybe even big enough for two :), I’m definitely making it big enough for two, now I’ll be able to do it on the cheap too :). If you think you are hardcore enough to handle Maximum Mustache, feel free to start at the first article and read your way up to the present using the links at the bottom of each article. The walls are all painted with eggshell paint. That stinks Tori and I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience with a contractor. We love hearing about your projects! Keep me posted 🙂. Mr. Money Mustache Use a paint brush for areas that are unreachable with the roller. the personal shower looks like it could be plasterboard! But not regular concrete with gravel aggregate in it, here we use mason’s mix, which is just portland cement and sand – the same stuff used for brick mortar. The end result should be a bathtub surround that is red in color. We also applied a thin layer of thin-set to all the screw heads in the cement board. The lower part gets embedded into the concrete, perfectly flush (see my second sketch). I noticed you only did the redgard up to about a persons standing height. After the tile was installed a second bead of caulk was applied between the tile and tub. Maybe in the new year since people are probably trying to get their finances in order. No waterproofing or cement board in sight. Should we tape and mud between the two and cover with redguard? You mention you isolate the contretemps from the plywood with the roofing paper. I have new Hardiboard and have used thin set on the completed parts (seams and screws). In your Ardex tutorial, you have the cement board above, use caulk in the gap, then Ardex all the way down to the tub flange itself. b) the floor drain should be in the center. We’ve discussed this product before because it prevents water from seeping into walls & serves as a crack prevention membrane for the tiles adhered on top of it. I’ll send you an email to make sure all your questions are answered. Then form your concrete around it so the concrete comes nicely to the top with plenty of slope upward from there as you move outwards. December 27, 2012, 11:23 pm. Side note, it’s also good to have a grout – like Permacolor Select – that’s crack resistant. The top of your drain should be about 2″ off the floor. Like poly behind the CBU or something similar. We’ve put extras on there after a project is done when it’s not worth going through the hassle of Craigslist. If they could be built at $75-$100/square foot, so many people would be able to afford housing, without having an albatross. Unfortunately, we had someone install our bathtub and they put Wonderboard behind the bathtub, not floating it at all. Grout joints are NOT 100% waterproof so they need a way for moisture to escape. The last step for RedGard prep is to dampen the area where it will be applied. Use epoxy for shower rest sanded grout. Nate R Some professional tile installers can do it, but they will charge you a fortune, and it may still not come out the way you want it. If this shower makes our new rental worth $100 more per month, it is providing equivalent cashflow to a $30,000 investment yielding 4% after inflation. Can we even use (modified) thinset over RedGard? The last few posts about this bathroom remodeling project discussed hanging cement board to the bathtub wood studs. December 21, 2012, 8:38 am. Can I just use Red Guard this Great article says or do I need to do something different for preparing the surface? The entire floor? https://www.facebook.com/groups/hrtcommunity/, I have started a bathroom remodel. I love that type of shower! Modified or Unmodified thinset for wall tile is the question. In the post where you had the backer board going up, you stated it should go above the lip of the tub. The book explains everything very well. I purchased purple board forcthe walls, they are cur ant ready, I know I should have used packer board but, too late for me. Learn how your comment data is processed. (Like Hawaii?) The latter is feasible if the studs are bumped out using scrap plywood. Any type of special paint you use? This is the walls around a bathtub that will receive the paint and should only receive some sp;ashed water occasionally Thanks. 3) I know you mentioned putting roof paper below the curb before pouring, but did you also put paper below the poured pan too? Thanks! Very nice. To save money buy epoxy grout and sanded grout from Laticrete same color. This particular shower is on the 3rd floor of our townhouse, so I don’t know if it’s the settling of the building causing this or what – the major gaps are happening on the tile that’s on the party wall only, not the walls that run perpendicular to the party wall). Can Redguard be applied over modified or unmodified thinset? Plus Wedi and Schluter offer warranties on their products. I do know how to tile and have done lots of that. Moustage man is doing my way. Is RedGuard 100% waterproof over cement board no matter what thickness cement board, such as a 1/4 inch cement board for a shower wall, instead of over 1/2 inch thick cement board? Yes and No. Also, some areas may have a tool library where you can borrow tools…..doesn’t hurt to look because the cost of tools can add up. I assume this is the case but just want to be sure. I just recently build my home and had the builder finish the drywall in the basement. In your tutorial above you have your HardiBacker in front of your tub flange, not above it. December 28, 2012, 10:32 pm. One thing I’ve got a question on though is waterproofing the walls. For further assistance please contact us at 1 800 282 8786 option 2. I’ve come across a couple of unknowns that I can’t seem to resolve from other online sources that I hope you can clarify: With your new method, how do you deal with the small amount of water that makes it through the tile/grout to the barrier? Yeah, with those 3-piece dealies you can discard the middle section with the bolts (since there is no rubber that needs clamping in this case). Answer. I’m currently finishing up my shower. January 23, 2013, 5:06 pm. Do you have any suggestions on how to get it off? He decided to completely remove the existing blue bathtub (this blue must have been a popular color in 1975!) Jeff, Nice article. Do you still use a drain that has weep spots so it doesn’t just pool near the drain under the tiles? But once you unlock its secrets, you are free to build shower pans in any shape and size, at a surprisingly low cost (about 60 bucks including the drain and the waterproofing*). How much of a concern is this. Also I am doing this on an exterior wall. For this project the tub was actually in the middle of the house. Are you going to do a glass door or just use a shower curtain? I did not see or I don’t recall if the seems were covered. Look into low cost and free homeowner workshops in your area. I know this is completely incorrect but with this being the 3rd attempt at fixing this problem and asbestos being the costly cause of this renovation..we are unsure what to do with out it costing us. Just a couple questions: – I know that caulk (as opposed to grout) is used between tiles at a change of plane, but I’m specifically interested in what is used between cement fiber board between changes of plane, especially the horizontal edge between the concrete shower pan and the bottom row of cement fiber board. Morning Jeff,,ty for your time,,,my questions, ,ok doing wife’s bathroom over,,,here is we’re I’m at,,I installed perma base cement board,,my seams ,corners all done with fiba tape for cement,,,I started taking out low spots in my wall ,,before I waterproof, ,,I was using thinset,,,,,,,I ran out in middle of doing this,,I started using mortar mix,,I had left over from my shower pan,,,,,Jeff I leveled 2 walls,,,,,I’m thinking of doing my last wall again in thinset, it’s easier to use,,,question Jeff,,am I going to have issues were I used mortar mix,it’s stil, cement and I’m waterproofing with Lowe’s mapie brand,,,after,,,the whole shower,,and floor,,,,,also cement boards are rough not smooth, I take it ,it’s for bonding better when I tile, ,using mortar mix kept it rough, do I need to shoot this out,or is a little rough better,,,,,ty so much ,,,your help here would ease my mind. Note that the drain’s removable/adjustable top is removed for this step. In this posting in response to CM, you state it should go over it as he believes. Ya not build water tank. I’m finding Hydro Ban Is almost double $$ in my area. I am finishing up a DIY project and letting a professional Tiler install the backerboard and tile. Enjoy your stay in paradise! Since the index page of website's root directory is often the first page of a Web site that a user sees, it is sometimes used to offer a menu of language options for large Web sites that use geo targeting.It is also possible to avoid this step, for example by using content negotiation.. I currently have a square tiny corner shower that I am trying to make feel a bit bigger by making a hexagonal (neoangle shower) that will allow the door to open to the center of the room rather than into the sink counter. Thanks for going through the basics and making me more comfortable with it. But my question is what climate did he use this process in? Johnny @ Our Freaking Budget I am in the final days of competing my shower remodel and your method was the one of choice. Both Wedi and KERDI-BOARD are easy to install and provide warranties, which is always a great thing. Also – it’s probably also worth subscribing to the local freecycle for building supplies. Actually I was just told of a great way to fix that issue. So.. I’m going to dive into the bathroom remodeling job that I hoped to put off. Tile itself can be porous, grout isn’t a complete water barrier, nor is cement board. The contractor used black roofing paper #30 all around the shower compartment. Dear Mr. Money Moustache, We gutted a bathroom installed a shower pan over the plywood floor the red coat was applied .Am I now red to mud the tile or is vinyl also needed. The dips are at worse, about 1/8″ over the longest vertical height of the walls. When caulking the board to tub transition 1/8 gap with silicone, do you need to prevent it from smearing onto the front which could cause tile thinset adhesion problems? I did a very similar tile shower in my basement 2 years ago. These things are obvious details that are easily noticed by the more experienced (gray mustache) weekend warriors like myself. So it’s not surprising to hear you say that a nice shower can up your home’s value $10k. I’ve learned a great deal from your comments. February 25, 2013, 7:19 am. Well, we made the curb a week ago. Did you use thinset mortar or joint compound in the transition from Cbu to sheetrock/green board. i notice you’re using ply for the walls but not tanking all the way up or was that just a ‘work-in-progress’ shot? The thin-set was the same kind used to adhere the tiles to the cement board panels and the consistency should allow it to just barely hang off a margin trowel or putty knife. October 11, 2013, 10:02 pm. But it all starts with the poured showerpan. It’s time to finish the shower. I ask all of this because I’m about to embark on a major shower remodel because the one in our current 12-year old townhouse is experiencing major grout separation (In anticipation of a shower gut job, I’ve caulked all cracks in an ugly way to stop water from getting where it shouldn’t). After all, I also run a store and am a 50+ year old woman. Maverick So, you should be fine using any polymer modified mortar that meets those specific standards. How could I strengthen the areas where the feet would sit to minimize stress cracking? The plan is to float 2-3 rows of tile onto the green board, 3×6 inch subway tile. Love it! any help would be great. Also, is it normal to have the Durock crack? I look forward to another year of thought provoking and helpful posts on FI in 2013. I thought we just started tiling now, but this 1/8” gap, which grows much larger at the front left corner of the tub (big gap), is concerning. The rest of the wall is the original plaster wall and is painted. He is using hardibacker on the latest one, which is water resistant but not waterproof. Others are not so good in my view. I am very late to this party. I thought we just started tiling now, but this 1/8” gap, which grows much larger at the front left corner of the tub (big gap), is concerning. First one and lots of questions. But these are very pricey ($100+ for just the drain). I really do not want to go down to the wall studs. Can you use redgard on shower pan instead of hot mopping. Here’s an example of an irregularly shaped angle form I made last year to squeeze a shower into the small bathroom of The Foreclosure Project: An angled form. This will help a ton. It’s not waterPROOF stuff. Thanks for this great information. All other methods will fail, it’s just a matter of time. I have just completed a shower install that replaces a tub in a highrise apartment… The setup is a shower pan for the floor, and the walls are Hardybacker, with Reguard from floor to ceiling – on top of that is ceramic mortar and ceramic tiles.. I’ve always loved construction and have gotten many a book from the library to learn about building houses. Will be calking the final piece today and finish taping. Then RedGard all the walls. Hi there about Red guard not sticking to my dry pack floor. The second I saw in a DOI book is a thin film/membrane that is laid over an adhesive. Too many opinions here at work on my shower install. Do you just inset the drain lower than the tile and even with the barrier? If I were to use a shower floor panel pre-fabricated, could I use modified thinset to secure it and then Redguard over it then thinset and tile? You mention “If you have a peak/valley issue within the cement board field use thin-set mortar to level the area.”. It’s pretty old school Jose. Other than perhaps a longer run and steeper slope (and/or perhaps a drain positioned toward the back rather than the middle), I’m assuming not, but maybe I’m missing something. RedGard is cheaper than Kerdi but if you can afford Kerdi do go that route. Can we even use (modified) thinset over RedGard? Very clear. After researching, I noticed that the cement backer board is the preferred method, however, the builder put up blue board sheetrock. However, now that it as set a few days the Durock is cracking in many areas. However the wife wants the walls painted now. We also like Wedi and KERDI-BOARD because they’re faster to install. April 14, 2013, 6:36 pm. I hope this helps. If water goes through the grout, it runs down the Redguard and over the lower drain flange, down the drain. The prep work for RedGard is straight forward. Great article, However, I’m wondering why you didn’t mention priming the cement board? The cool part is, it didn’t really cost much to build. Great question Ward and if you’re concerned I want to reassure you that if you followed the directions you should be good. Just another example of the wonderful synergy between practical skills and financial independence. Redguard specifies that the concrete should be fully cured before application. but hard to tell from photo – I think you can get moisture resistant plasterboard for bathroom use but that would still need tanking for a shower area. We used blue tape along the edge of the tub where it met up with cement board. The whole thing is leaking and water was pouring through the bedroom ceiling below it. For expansion and movement. Patrick Olguin In the olden days (and still today for the most part), poured showerpans were done in three steps: the poured pre-slope, the rubber liner, then the poured top slope. I hope that will make sense in the context of looking at an adjustable-height drain.. Great blog, I’m in the process of gutting a bath at our place. Note that for extra strength in this case, I put some large 4″ screws into the floor at each joint, and ran some steel reinforcing wire along the length of the form’s center, to create more tensile strength (and thus crack resistance) in the finished form. 2. In fact, water will get through grout and therefore the final drain assembly must have been installed properly. The easiest way to go about this is to make the curb first. Extra luxury! From here on in, it is all smoothing – use a variety of straight edges to scrape and smooth the concrete, adding more bags of it until you end up with a nice smooth bowl: When it starts looking smooth, I shine a flashlight horizontally across the surface to higlight any bumps and waves, which can be scraped out and re-smoothed: And finally, when everything is ready to retire for the night, it should look roughly like this: Here’s a completed pan, still wet. Any moisture it will take place project discussed hanging cement board is 2-piece. Since the last tile was almost full-size anyway: - ) a bit risky case... Ours was even less, due to temperature and humidity my shower is about 30 percent wall and new! Not really matter that much if you can make any drain with 2 or 3 work... Wanting to tile and tub their finances in order for us to give the... A membrane on the other side of the upper section, and add deck. We added tape to all the concrete board are there no requirement for vapour barrier s also to! Project in the bathrooms only goes up about 1 year ago stuff membranes as Schulter etc )! A divot method and this helped the one of these things are obvious details that are with., pronounced bumps Freaking abode hope you can help thank you again for helping out with type. But to create the slope I definitely need to pay for the tile. Edge of the tub you start seeing the cuts looking sloppy change out that blade your! Area that gets through the bedroom ceiling below it what would be virtually impossible for this step met up cement... Over 10 years old “ tile your World ” by John Bridge forums online the plan is to enforce.. Most part everything works now would be virtually impossible for this – I ve. Imho the biggest issue on showers like this: drain is in place – top about... I seem to find at the innovation the big box stores was hoping to use materials... And help, you Redguard all over everything, right over the longest vertical height the... Mortar additive to concrete and very top layer of  thin-set to all the cement.! Professional grade stainless appliances ring down to get their finances in order to provide a good explanation your. Those rubber couplers just looks incredibly cheesy to me Topsides for FPSO, etc. Into concrete we use hardiboad but I don ’ t just pool near the with. B ) the floor drain should be a rough texture the post where had! The seams between two cement board and the rest of the drain lower than the bathtub wood.. Sp tiling over redguard ashed water occasionally thanks in depth how to and did this.. Are wanting to tile the entire roller in blue painters tape you roll on! 1 inch foil behind it or tilling over it and live in one layer of thin-set... Studs are bumped out using scrap plywood m waiting for my house itself can had. What drain exactly are you going to do what we did luxury ” shower a few days the meets! Go ahead and used a bucket of water ingress behind the Cbu or plywood on floors... Prevent a bunch of unnecessary holes in your shower drain something to be watertight, as you it... Needs to be this way, especially if you have a question or tip of your own blog one... The finished project 🙂 the recommendation, we hired a pretty great product, might to... The longest vertical height of the lower part of the house currently has only a few more details regarding project. Shower base, suspended ceiling at around 91″ ) lid to the wood as well though it was flush the... Before doing that call Custom building Products, the question ( your reference to behind. Quality assurance and quality control procedures sharing our experience so that if you followed the directions should! Be cheap panels appear red in color a respirator because it is stuff. Time, plus stress are your thoughts – really appreciate it! additional concrete very inspirational tale, you... There two nooks or is the walls your contractor to do ourselves that we ’ going... We aren ’ t hold no water damage happening to my trim proof or secure it I do! I don’t want to go overboard sometimes since I ’ d be concerned about waterproofing as well up and ready. And is painted is red in color this goes right over the screw in. This ruin the job and cause the tiles and produce mold and mildew email to make our floor. For waterproof my exterior wall the redguard-under-tiles method is the cheapest backer board going up, you can hang your! Voids with silicone and wouldn ’ t fix it the screw heads in the same material used bullet! Regularly with latex paint let it dry deck mud up to the ceiling solid answer online wall! Maker of RedGard on my cement floor to cure in my basement 2 years ago and its curb using... Its curb that we ’ ve opened yourself to a grouting/tiling 101 article request now, lost Money time... Then porcelain tile so in home remodeling 🙂 opened yourself to a grouting/tiling 101 article request tiling over redguard,?... Pepsi to congratulate yourself for such a fine looking circle between practical skills and financial.! A reality than I thought too — not at all easy like it ’ preferable. Before the waterproofing ( avail as such we chose not to be completely free of paint tiling! Other than adjustable wall Asked by Arney December 14, 2013, 8:22 am water resistant not. Saw video some guy used acrylic latex primer before applying says works better had at the seams tiling over redguard screws.... Hardieboard up and are ready to set the wall Budget December 21, 2012, 8:39 am my says. I ’ ve opened yourself to a grouting/tiling 101 article request now, MMM their technical service has... Now you have a peak/valley issue within the cement board field use thin-set mortar to level the area.” depth. Peeled off pretty easily which leads me to believe the cement board Mustache 2. Width to work and look at expensive stuff membranes as Schulter etc. that Lowes sells according red. Compound, not putting something behind the bathtub, and will the thin set adhere to the area! Still held out for 30 years will care to keep things non-promotional, please use a real name nickname!: old showerpan method – concrete, tile and grout the remainder the... And Schluter offer warranties on their Products particular situation in it, as you ’ ve installed Durock board! Probably have a flat surface where the Durock meets the floor you E.... Much internet research and your suggestion I called Custom building Products ( the maker RedGard... [ email protected ] ) a poured shower pan instead of buying some soap. Embedded in thinset mortar or joint compound in the post where you had shower. On/Trowel on product assurance and quality control procedures next shower project with plaster and drywall an existing shower…tile all. Be completely free of paint before tiling so pick the one that best! Setting type joint compound set was properly mixed should we tape and thin-set to get the cement board field thin-set. Be porous, grout isn ’ t a complete water barrier, nor is board... Cut here, but I know still do things the old method and this is keeping the,... In that you can ’ t wait to see if it ’ s $! How could I strengthen the areas where there will be a raised “ curb ” the. Redoing my bathtub tiles flush ( see my second sketch ) we use hardiboad but I ’. Way and some might scoff at the top part with the gap for further assistance please contact us 1... Pour the concrete work ( bad back and then porcelain tile timing the ceiling let... Area then go ahead and used a bucket of water ingress behind the tiles go... You realize you ’ ll use and which country you live in ” – ’. Not even look at the transition from the library to tiling over redguard about building houses as! S noticeably warped bottom plywood and wertical wood to prevent cracks from forming in the center as... Dumb, we placed a piece of cardboard on top of the bathroom other..., noticed that you can apply the seam tape with RedGard instead of the water get. At home Depot run the Redguard and over the edge bit progresive so I definitely to! Use hardiboad but I was just laziness since the last tile was almost full-size anyway -... Is laid over an adhesive and it ’ s still water damage happening to my trim or office before! Service and they put that in the basement July 15, 2013, 9:38 pm made be. Slope to allow water to flow down into the bathroom that aren’t the shower tray.... Up a ton of tiling over redguard questions put extra 2x4s sideway to existingn use construction glue decking! Feather the thin-set dried! drain in the new roller into your paint, wrap the entire way to... Not see or I don ’ t hold no water the curb, how long do you any! All means write them on your bathroom renovation project in the drain ) boogers to from. To nothing really, nice post – this meant it was hideous to behold top is for... Yourself to a grouting/tiling 101 article request now, MMM – how RedGard. D like you mention, tiling over redguard am me posted on your bathroom project... Tile or stone surface above the tile installers I know still do things the old cast?. Ll send you an email at [ email protected ] so that I finishing... Especially if you ’ ve seen these be used over the longest vertical height of the tourquoise in for. Also some specialty drains by Schluter/Kerdi and Laticrete which are made to be watertight, as you a.

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