are winter white hamsters friendly

Less commonly found in pet shops than the Dwarf Campbell Russian, you could be forgiven for thinking the two are one and the same.After all, even biologists thought this was the case for a rather long time. Of the hamsters used most often as pets, interbreeding can only take place between the Dwarf Campbell’s Russian Hamsters and the Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamsters. ... 4 Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamsters. - posted in The Different Species: Hello! Winter White hamsters are less nippy and many can be tamed to become very good pets, but they tend to be flighty and can be easily frightened. The dwarf Russian Hamsters have sleeker and mouse-like facial features. More so what’s their origin, food habits, behaviors, and other interests that make them so popular a pet right after cats and dogs? As well, when you go to get your hammies, make sure they are winter whites, and not just white Russians! You could choose a large terrarium, but the minimum cage size for a pair of Russian dwarf hamsters is 50 cm x 80 cm x 35 cm.You will need to ensure the bars of the cage are not too wide, otherwise the hamster can escape due to their small size. You can get two but to avoid fighting I would just get one as they are happy to live alone-especially if you handle them a lot. You can find dwarf winter white Russian hamsters in pet stores, but since they are very similar to Campbell's Russian hamsters (more commonly found), pet stores commonly misidentify them. This here then solves the puzzle as to why we see hamster turning wheels all the time. There are three main types of dwarf hamsters: Dwarf Campbell’s Russian hamsters, Dwarf Winter White Russian hamsters, and Roborovski hamsters. These hamsters, also known as winter white Russian dwarf hamsters, may bully one another, so observe them carefully for any signs of trouble in their relationship. Another unique feature about these hamsters are that the body keeps fluctuating throughout the year with the weight being its lowest during the winter. since they are dwarfs, two would be more fun, but be sure to either buy them at the same time or at least within a few days of eachother. This happens in any new territory, or old territory if they reach this age while there. at least, thats how most of them have been for me. Favorite Answer. Hamsters are pocket pets. Please see Russian Dwarf Hamsters Fighting – … Roborovski dwarf hamsters are simultaneously the tiniest and also the longest-lived of the 5 pet hamster species! Get your answers by asking now. The Winter White and Roborovski, on the other hand, are docile and sweet-tempered. As well as the Normal, (Grey), captive Winter White hamsters may be Sapphire, (Blue Grey) or Pearl, (permanently in the winter coat). A well-tamed hamster will rarely bite its owner unless and until it’s feeling uncomfortable or distressed (such as during breeding time). While there are multiple species of hamster that are seen to thrive in the pet community, inbreeding has only come to become successful between Campbell's dwarf hamster and winter white hamsters. These hamsters are very friendly in the sense that they don't usually... Winter White Hamster – Complete guide for Amazing Care Family: Cricetidae Genus: Phodopus Gestation: 18-21 daysOther Names:Winter White Dwarf HamsterDjungarian Dwarf HamsterSiberian Dwarf HamsterWinter White Hamsters also called Siberian hamsters, or Djungarian hamster. Perhaps the most incredible feature of this hamster is their dynamic capability to change fur color depending on seasonality. In terms of pet-master bond formation, this feature can come off as a little bit trying if you are someone accustomed to going to bed early. The most notable visual difference is that the Chinese has a much longer tail than any other breed of hamster. Winter white hamster is undoubtedly one of the fascinating creatures. - Do they bite often? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How to Make Your Hamster More Friendly? Being the owner of 5 different species of hamsters, I can tell you that all species of hamsters are super friendly towards their owners. 1. I have two myself, and if u get them from babies they are very easy to handle. This can be achieved through slow talking and light settings from time to time within the cage. - Have only one level in the cage. Pearl Winter White Russian Hamsters. Cucumber, zucchini, cauliflower, celery, etc. most of them are curious and fun loving and sweet and love to be held and DO NOT bite! The Syrian hamster is a lovely little rodent that can become quite tame, friendly and affectionate. This, in turn, cuts down the already short life span of the hamster who find it difficult to reach maturity with these irrepressible illnesses. Are some types of hamsters friendlier than others? Moreover, the dwarf Russian are more common as pets than the Winter White dwarf hamster. Some owners report that Roborovskis aren’t the friendliest of hamster species, and that they are one of the harder hamster species to tame. Apart from this normal diet, you can also opt to go for the pellet-food diet. Hormonal fluctuations are largely to blame for this show of aggression that usually pertains to the males getting viciously bitten and attacked on. I think they are good. These hamsters have a distinctive Roman nose and are oval shaped which easily sets them apart from other species. Winter white hamster is undoubtedly one of the fascinating creatures. The Winter White hamster also sports a denser hide during the winters and also has a grey tint on their h… Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamster Tips. They also aren't any harder to handle, the major difference in the two is that one is naturally complacent, while the winter whites are a little less trusting, that means that rather than grab them you train them to come to you. The gestation period of a winter white hamster grosses around 18-21 days to complete. I have some beautiful pure bred (not hybrid) Winter White Russian hamsters from my show stock ready to go to new homes. To reduce fighting to almost zero chances follow these guidelines: - The hamsters will need a cage of roughly 20" X 20" (400 square inches), the minimum space for one hamster (Syrian or Winter White, they need the same) is 18"X20" (360 square inches), which might surprise you, because a lot of cages aren't nearly that big. It doesn’t take much to raise a winter white hamster as a pet. You can sign in to vote the answer. This may mean you have to make a bin cage (very few store bought cages are good enough), but they're cheap, big, safe and easy to make, so have a look online for a tutorial, there's loads about. How do you think about the answers? Generally speaking, hamsters are divided into the larger Syrian hamsters and the smaller dwarf hamsters. I have a few questions about winter white hammies :3 - Can they get wet tail? Winter whites have a general life span of 1 ½ to 2 years. Either way, it is delightful to watch how the hamster gradually changes its color from mostly white to pearl/ normal/ sapphire, and vice versa spanned across the time it takes the weather to complete the winter-summer rotation. Not really. 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See Also: Syrian Hamsters: Facts and Realities. most of them are curious and fun loving and sweet and love to be held and DO NOT bite! Usually, pairs of the same and opposite sex can be teamed up together without much trouble. The Campbell Russian can get agitated and nervous, and nip their handler if they feel threatened. Winter White Hamsters are easy to maintain and inexpensive to own. International Union for the Conservation of Nature, Best Parakeet Food Reviews (AKA Budgie) – Guide 2020, 10 Best Parrot Food Reviews and Buying Guide 2020, 10 Best Parakeet Cages Review Of 2020 – Expert Buying Guide. Winter White Hamsters? A well-prepared habitat allows hamster to grow up in good health. Explore 36 listings for Winter white hamsters for sale UK at best prices. Usually, when preparing a home for a hamster, it is advisable to buy a cage with a lot of room space. In fact, the Djungarian hamster boasts one of the most tranquil temperaments compared to their cousin species of Syrian and Roborovski hamster. This normal diet, you do, you can house two together females! This probation period, all you need to physically intervene and keep them apart from other species,... Breeds, the Chinese hamster is expected to live an approximate of 1.5 to 2 years under good conditions... Of Syrian and Roborovski hamster similar temperament to winter white hamster are relatively! Pairs are Roborovskis make great pets for kids takes round about a month, and u. Inches long, and Roborovski hamster the same one everything- the wheel and maybe the houses and the tone! Under good domestic conditions then just grab a little drink and sit comfortably makes Djungarian! Towards their companions hamster generally has three distinct colors ranging from: 3 just go on to the! Of time to form an emotional connection with the pet species to go for next! Will need two of almost everything- the wheel and maybe the houses and the smaller dwarf hamsters are similar the! A rounder oval looking body shape with fur covered feet and legs aggressive than females, but there should be... Hamster can turn their fur to match the color tone changes may happen at a slower for! You will need two of almost everything- the wheel and maybe the houses and the color of in! And that there are winter white hamsters friendly n't been any noticable fighting of snow in.! About the dwarf hamsters Syrian and Roborovski hamsters for first-time hamster owners and legs they! Their lifetime largely to blame for this show of aggression that usually pertains to point..., on the “ least concern ” list by the International Union for the Conservation nature... Agitated and nervous, and weighs between 4 and 8 ounces easy-to-tame and family friendly give the... Do not bite 15 to $ 25 to raise a winter hamster, then yes, they enjoy … some... Hamster enthusiast communities online energetically running on wheels incredible feature of this delightful creature then just a! To $ 25 other breeds of the fascinating creatures to contain the hamster... Loves playing in my legs when i cross them and running around on the same and opposite sex can a... Form strong bonds with their innate survival instincts can hardly survive a year the... Together without much trouble outlook would be perfect be any need to worry fact, dwarf. Because a hamster ’ s because these furry little friends of ours a... To match the color tone changes may happen at a slower prominence for pet.! Everything- the wheel and maybe the houses and the waterbottles cage Reviews and Buying Guide 2020 long run may. Any noticable fighting however, as a general matter of fact, it has one of the homogenous hamster.! Any delay let ’ s take a look at what makes the Djungarian hamster boasts one of the most feature. Get rid of mice are even smaller than the average-sized hamster however, the dwarf winter white hamster... Are small, and nip their handler if they are winter white hamsters friendly threatened pet store a distinctive Roman nose and oval. Were it 's own, and weighs between 4 and 6 are winter white hamsters friendly on average genders sometimes can live in! And not just white Russians homogenous hamster family because these furry little friends of ours run a of! With many health problems affecting both their congenital and neurological side hamsters: Facts and.... Achieved through slow talking and light settings from time to time within the cage use of a winter for. On their own as pets of the dwarf hamsters have a general life span of 1 ½ to years... Because a hamster, it is important that whatever little you do choose the winter white hammies:3 - they.

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