diversity as strategy summary

In addition, we took on the task of making recommendations on: an institutional scorecard, a chief diversity officer, a centralized “academy” to ... Executive Summary The Commission on Diversity and Inclusion . Another great strategy is bringing in diverse speakers to add varying points of view and real-life context to different subjects.There are several ways you can ingrain cultural awareness and diversity into your lesson plan, and it will vary depending on the cultures represented in your classroom and … This means diversity and inclusion is now core to Schneider’s strategy. Goals. The next section outlines the priorities, strategies, and actions that accompany FDA’s three diversity . Invest in Diversity Strategies. The strategic vision positions Save the … force diversity as an area of strategic focus. The company can no longer tolerate a “French-led” leadership team, or any forms of bias, discrimination, or non-inclusive thinking in its strategy. But when Gerstner took a look at his senior execu-tive team, he felt it didn’t reflect the diversity of the market for talent or IBM’s customers and employees. To rectify the imbalance, in 1995 Gerstner launched a diversity task-force initiative that became a cornerstone of IBM’s HR strategy. This is a culture shift that requires commitment and patience. 5 FDA DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION STRATEGIC PLAN | 5 . Strategic Plan for Diversity & Inclusion Executive Summary Diversity is both an intellectual and social value that enlarges our capacities for complex, critical thinking and collaborative, empathetic action, and is a foundational element of Haverford College’s EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy 2 This strategy articulates Save the Children’s call to action to advance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in our organization by embedding Cultural Competence in our workplace culture. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In the period directly preceding the launch of this planning effort, two important campuswide studies were commissioned by university leadership: the Provost’s Committee on Diversity, Equity & 4 Strategy 2016-20 Summary Diversity and Inclusion New DIVERSE AUDIENCE PANELS to get closer to our under-represented audience groups and to get direct feedback on our output and increase audience satisfaction. The Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan applies to all positions in all pay plans, unless specifically exempt by statute. APPROACH The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) sets policy and provides guidance to federal agencies on the development and administration of model strategies for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Diversity in the workplace should be more than just an issue of compliance with the law; it should be embraced because it can greatly benefit organisations and boost performance, while it’s also a step towards building a society that is more accepting. £2.1m Diversity Creative Talent Fund and Creative Access Graduate Trainee Interns (over £10M over the duration of the strategy). 2. DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION STRATEGIC PLAN 1 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. Diversity Strategic Planning, and (xii) Undergraduate Student Diversity. and inclusion goals. The investment in diversity strategies includes talent development, learning, performance management and retention of top talent to be future leaders in the organization.

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