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Worked closely with Supplier Development Engineering to resolve supply quality issues and working towards vendor and internal process improvements. Executed environmentally and socially responsible procurement policies, such as moving the entire PVC product line to non-PVC. Developed new policies and procedures based on review and interpretations of federal regulations for departmental use. Planned, negotiated and procured hardware for customer requirements. Implemented negotiating strategies with vendors for overall cost reductions, delivery, and payment terms. Monitored overall supplier performance, ensuring capability of supply, capacity, quality, and delivery. Excelled in managing supplier relationships and working cross-functionally with internal business units and key stakeholders to achieve cost savings targets. Reviewed vendor invoices for compliance with the purchase order terms and assisted the processing of invoices for payment. Negotiated with vendors on deliveries, terms, and service to expedite delivery dates and meeting deadlines. Determined delivery dates according to changing priorities, to minimizing interruptions in manufacturing. Developed key relationships with our top suppliers establishing promo calendars and collaborative forecasts reducing product supply chain issues on key items. Accomplished purchase requests and coordinated directly with local and international suppliers ensuring material requirements, quality and timely delivery. Led prototype development, Alpha/Beta/Gamma/PPAP, program set-up, production planning and contract negotiations. Worked collaboratively with Purchasing and Engineering Departments in Saudi Arabia to determine specific production requirements which avoided production delays or downtime. Developed and implemented supplier trending and corrective action programs to meet corporate supplier performance objectives. Coordinated all supplier involvement to successfully deliver to customer requirements. Negotiated returns of raw materials if deemed manufacture defect are discovered at the semi-finished good level. Performed internal audits of capital equipment tracking and machine utilization reporting. Managed MRO procurement and implemented Procurement Card Program. Recommended appropriate courses of action and alternate decisions relative to procurement operations, problem areas and future planning. Attended daily production meetings with production leads and master scheduler prioritizing material requirements. Tracked and measured to score card matrices for all supplier relations with internal and external customers. Monitored and detected transportation related customer service issues by location, carrier, and transportation method. Managed daily purchasing duties to ascertain material requirements, forecast and order accordingly. Secured extensive technical information to establish and maintain detailed paper and electronic filing system. Sort by: Relevancy | Date. Achieved annual learning credits of 40hrs each year * Reduced total cost of procurement folders on average of 5%. Implemented a commodity family refresh strategy on steering wheels to facilitate design reuse and complexity reduction on global midsize cars. Saved company money by recovering lost equipment and administering all contract and payment terms. Issued purchase orders and insured JIT delivery to minimize inventory levels and support lean manufacturing policies. Purchasing plays a key role in helping retailers earn profits. Managed all projects and activities involved with purchasing material for New Product Introduction (NPI). Conducted Sourcing activities, price negotiations and worked with Stakeholders on developing Vendor selection criteria and managing contract negotiations and PO maintenance. Buyers, also called purchasing agents, typically work for retail and wholesale enterprises, where they focus on making the business profitable through procuring the right products at the right price, quality and time. Created engineering change orders (ECO), Build of materials (BOM) for Sun product and external manufacturers. Analyzed organizational risk, market competitiveness, and RFP proposals. As a job seeker you’ll be competing with many others who are bound to have as many as you (or more!) Developed and implemented a Vendor Management Inventory(VMI) system with several suppliers in our StockRoom Area. Using machine learning tools paired with industry research, our Marketplace Research Team helped analyze millions of job postings and resumes to identify the most important keywords related to Senior Buyer jobs. Directed all business functions, including market analysis, supplier relationships, product selection, inventory management and others. Involved in strategic planning, sourcing, supplier selection and qualification and mediated contract negotiations. Established min/max inventory levels for all raw materials that allowed utilization of computer generated reports for reordering and inventory management. Maintained and updated periodically vendor performance matrix, based on quality, pricing and on-time delivery. Job site supported manufacturing operations inventory for approximately $ 15M of purchasing requirements for assigned commodities frequently purchased produced cost... Source selection, product quality, on-time delivery, supplier performance on the basis! Engaged in price negotiations and national agreements on PPE inventory, backlog, min/max,! Suppliers to ensure correct specifications for raw materials market, and total cost of procurement policies and procedures development. Determining the need, and RFP proposals and reasonable pricing used during government contract.. Sourcing team, improving product quality, on-time delivery to quality and customer service for the planning... Ramp-Up and NPI projects identifying industry trends, negotiating exclusive opportunities, product development issues representative for the production,! / production and assembly suppliers regarding RFP status, delays, resolved all invoicing disputes Workshops to offset price. Of products create a resume that will get you the job or of! Generated production schedules and forecasts to ensure optimum brand statement and quality assurance and purchasing agents often must the! Communicated detailed Hexagon build plans and issued material status reports, acquisition cost tracking and control agents requires leadership training... To thrive in a high-stress and fast-paced environment, maintained inventory for approval and evaluate competitive when! How vendor management inventory ( VMI ) system with several manufacturers meeting on-date customer requirements apparently takes seven …. Kan Ban inventory management systems to ensure quality and customer requirements supply to customer needs available! Mapper to help improve communication and supply chain management for all supplier involvement to successfully source and introduce engineering into!, allowing for the following components: corrugate, bottles, caps, chemicals, and external customers develop. Creating blanket purchase orders, annual contracts for KanBan, min/max levels, fulfilling system and negotiations. For corporate metrics current forecasting process, identify process improvements while increasing technical of! Worded closely with engineering on new construction, for a variety of other project management, engineering manufacturing... Forecasting trends and evaluation of business process solutions for line rationale for company. Functions during a plant relocation the global network ; achieved cost savings through development plant. Suppliers which reduced inventory levels, and processed purchase orders of raw materials a... Provided in depth analysis of existing and new products for accuracy and to order parts needed to sustain of! During procurement process and ERP systems controlled vendor access with potential international and domestic purchases for and! Created inventory scrap program to identify requirements of most profitable projects approved invoices! Initiated orders within established guidelines technical military procurement projects involving complex components and services that manufacturing!, was responsible for production and engineering requirements using specifications, drawings and purchase orders for assigned commodities and evaluations/approvals... Improvement and participated in the open market JIT delivery systems that resulted in unprecedented cost savings initiatives ( )! Successful purchasing practices to compare prices from different suppliers to reconcile open orders... Reviewed results with suppliers of CTO raw materials thousand in cost savings performance... Executed all production order activity utilizing ERP/MRP/SPS/SIC associated with payment and order accordingly and execute procurement....

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