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Let’s take a closer look at the heavy-duty engine that delivers 1/4 HP, which means it delivers impressive power. The BESWOOD 10" Premium Electric Deli Meat Slicer is one of the best options that you could consider. Regarding clean-up, it’s relevant to know that parts are removable, so it makes sanitizing a breeze. Beswood food slicer is ideal for commercial use in homes, restaurants, cafes, and commercial kitchens, as well. It has an easy-to-use design, as well as it’s extremely safe considering the On/Off switch protection but also the blade case. The engine is the centerpiece of this model. The data presented is for information purposes only. It is unique thanks to the massive 10-inch blade used for slicing. If you need a slicer for lunch meats, Della 8.7″ Electric Deli Cutter is the one suitable for your needs. The product tray of our KWS MS-10 meat slicer can hold foods up to 7 (L) X 7.5(W) X 5.5 (H). There’s also a tray that can accommodate both large and small items. 9. Most blades are made from carbon steel, so they don’t offer the same efficiency as a stainless steel does. Because there's no need for users to sharpen the blade regularly individually, you can rest assured that this meat slicer will last very long. An Easy adjustment system allows you to produce slices ranging from paper thin to thicker cuts, and this BESWOOD slicer also comes with a convenient built-in two stone sharpener to ensure you always keep a razor sharp edge on your blade. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. More than this the fixed device handle will help you slice the meat quickly and effortlessly. You’ll obtain delicious, appetizing platters anytime. Meat slicers are perfect for making cold cuts from large pieces of forcemeats like pastrami, salami, ham, and more. Best Commercial Meat Slicer for Bacon BESWOOD Electric Meat Slicer. So Beswood 10" Premium tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than KWS Premium Commercial, as seen on the chart below. These machines can be used for more than just meat, so you can reliably use them for slicing other food items, including bread. Compared to other models, this one has a smaller blade, measuring 6 inches. Carefully remove the center plate, don’t take out the blade but clean it with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth. Beautiful and fresh slices on demand are one of the main benefits you can obtain from this slicer. In this case, too, the unit features a built-in sharpener that makes sure the blade operates at maximum performance. You’ll be pleased to know that it doesn’t require any manual sharpening, due to the built-in whetstones that will sharpen it anytime necessary. Even more, the impressive features it comes with make it a popular pick, too. The Beswood 250 10" Electric Meat Slicer makes quick work of slicing tri-tip, pastrami, and other cured meats and cheeses. It’s powered by 240 watts, and comes equipped with a 10 inches diameter blade that will perfectly do its job, providing you with smoothly sliced food items. It is powered by 240 watts, so you can slice multiple food items in a short time. E Moreover, the silicone base keeps the unit steady, while the On/Off switch is covered by a water-resistant protection. KWS MS-10NS Premium Commercial 320w Electric Meat Slicer 10-Inch Stainless Steel Blade, Deli Meat Frozen Meat Cheese Food Slicer Low Noise Commercial … Giantex is one of the most popular brands of kitchen appliances. © PartsAndLaborButchery.Com. With this feature, you don’t have to worry anymore about maintenance details, as the unit will do all the job for you. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to BESWOOD is another reliable product you can count on, specifically engineered for commercial purposes. This means that the blade will be always razor-sharp for proper cutting. This website displays data from third party public sources. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. It has an aluminum body, and stainless steel blade, so it’s both sturdy and hygienic. This KWS Commercial 320w Electric Frozen Meat Slicer is semi-automatic meat slicer which can slice meat, cheese, vegetables, fruits easily and quickly. The most important part of the meat slicer is the blade. The unit can slice multiple food items except for meat, so you can use it for fruits and veggies, too. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. KWS Commercial 320w Electric Meat Slicer. 4. The On/Off switch is covered by a protective case that doesn’t allow for water spills. KWS Premium Commercial is $169.10 more expensive than an average electric food slicer ($139.99). Entirely made from aluminum and stainless steel, it will provide you with long-term use, keeping the food items safe, as well. KWS kitchen appliances own great popularity on the market, so this is why we come to your attention with another remarkable model to consider for your business. Some would have preferred a more powerful motor, Some would have preferred more steadiness, The outstanding manufacturing pleases all users, The quiet functionality pleases all customers, The quiet operation pleases all the customers, It might be a little bit tricky to cut equal thickness, Some say there could be some quality improvements, The blade is resistant to rust and corrosion, An additional serrated blade would be great. These cookies do not store any personal information. The item comes with built-in whetstones for sharpening the blade automatically, without any other requirements. In case you have a food business, KWS is for sure the best addition to your working space. You can easily adjust the thickness up to 8” with just a turn of the knob. Enjoy the results! Safety is primordial when coming to this type of units, so it has been carefully designed with an On-Off waterproof switch in order to avoid potential injury risks. If you need a meat slicer for infrequent use (once a month or less), I would suggest a household meat slicer These are far cheaper, yet the higher quality models get the job done effectively. This Kalorik Professional Style food slicer has a removable food tray for organizing cuts. More than this, it is a safe and reliable machine able to slice a variety of foods from the toughest to the softest ones. But manual meat slicers are intuitive to use and don’t require much prep time to start. KWS MS-12NS 420W electric meat slicer is fully electric. The numerical dial than offers control over the items’ thickness, offering multiple options of adjustability. On the other hand, BestEquip Commercial Food Slicer is worth your attention as it’s able to cut thin slices of meat. This reliable machine is another one to count on, especially that it has a residential use. Berkel 823E is an excellent alternative for most food-related businesses that imply lots of slicing tasks. Featuring an impressive engine of 240 watts, you can use this machine for most kitchen projects. It will also please you with a stable grip thanks to the spiked holder that offers safety and controlled slicing. With the motor power of 200 watts, this machine is perfect for slicing meat, vegetables, fruits, and cheeses. Best Commercial Meat Slicer for Jerky With up to 10mm cutting thickness, KWS MS-6RS is the best option to consider if you want to slice meat for jerky. For perfect jerky drying, we also recommend checking the best dehydrators for jerky. Great for professional purposes, it will thoroughly please you with all the conveniences it comes with. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a slicer, we suggest considering this option. KWS slicer is by far the best option you should consider for your restaurant, shop, catering business and so on. Lastly, when the blade is completely dried, attach the center plate. They consist of two stones that will easily take care of the blade and keep it razor sharp. It’s also a reliable choice due to the skidproof rubber feet that provide steadiness during usage. The razor-sharp blade is robust and compelling, offering maximum performance no matter the application type. In order to obtain this, turn the knob and let it operate. The blade size is not the only important part. The compact construction makes it a great addition to your commercial kitchen, and you won’t have to consistently whet the blade as it includes whetstones that will quickly do the task. It has been thoughtfully crafted from stainless steel, so we’re speaking of hygiene and sturdiness. If you haven’t found yet a slicer for residential use, Della is another of the products you should pay attention to. I'm Amelia and I have created this website with the help of my talented team of reviewers. Another important aspect you should know about this unit si that you won’t have to whet the blade manually, as it comes with an enclosed sharpener that whets the blade with no effort. Smartxchoices will definitely become your best friend in the kitchen. This model has a built-in sharpener, which does its job amazingly, keeping the blade razor-sharp for superior cutting ability. Below are the best handpicked meat slicers that have stood every test and emerged top among hundreds in the market. What’s even better is that the blade is detachable so the unit allows for easy cleanup, as well. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. BESWOOD 10" Premium Chromium-plated Meat Slicer. As safety is primordial it’s important to mention that the handle is stable, so to prevent potential accidents. Despite the heavy-duty construction, we’re speaking of a compact design, easy to store in most kitchens. For better results, you can also wipe the slicer with vegetable oil before starting the process. Get your kitchen running at the best performance level possible with our high-powered, durable kitchen equipment. For instance, it’s important to take the right measurements in order to make sure the appliance will fit into the kitchen. This machine is one of the most reliable options to cound on, especially that it’s able to slice a variety of food items. Additionally, it’s important to know it has an auto sharpening system as the built-in dual whetstones will safely and conveniently razor sharp the blade. Users are pleased by this machine as it’s a professional one, with high-performance features and high-quality design. It also features a 420 watts motor that provides immense power to enable you to slice meat fast and with ease. Thus, it offers both high-performance and versatility, being a perfect choice for any restaurant or butchery. Chef’s Choice Electric Meat Slicer 615 Review. This machine has been crafted for residential use so it’s a great pick for butcheries, restaurants and other food-based businesses. This meat slicer features a 12-inch premium stainless steel blade that is powerful enough to slice virtually any food item, including cheese, mutton, vegetables in seconds. This food slicer can easily slice boneless meat, ham, bread, cheese, and vegetables with exceptional performance.

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