Todd Eachus

for State Representative

Todd Eachus

for State Representative

Todd Eachus was born here, grew up here, and served the people of Northeast Pennsylvania. He stands for you, will you stand with him?

Meet Todd

A husband and father, Todd was born and raised in Northeastern Pennsylvania. He and his wife Ellen grew up in Wilkes-Barre and both graduated from Coughlin High School in 1980. They married in 1985. Together, they had 3 sons  Anthony, Benjamin, and Nathan — who all attended and graduated from Hazleton Area School District. In 1995, Todd decided the best way for him to serve his community was to run for State Representative. He won in 1996 and rose through leadership to become the #2 in the General Assembly. Unlike the politicians in Harrisburg today, when Todd made a promise, he kept it.

Prepared for the Job

Protected Seniors' Healthcare

Todd fought big Pharma to expand Prescription Assistance for Pennsylvania Seniors and won. Income limits for PACE and PACENET were expanded so that more Pennsylvanians could get the help they need.

Expanded Our Economy

The backbone of our economy is the working class, and that’s why Todd was proud to vote for the last minimum wage increase in Pennsylvania. He also fought to bring millions in funding and federal support for key local infrastructure projects 

Invested In Our Community

Todd has helped secure investments into low-income communities for decades. He knows that working together and having a plan are what get the job done. Republicans in power refuse to put in the work to secure necessary aid for our communities.

Ready for the Challenge

Infrastructure Investment

Our roads are riddled with potholes and our bridges are falling apart. Economic development requires drivable roads and bridges, and even a robust rail system. Investing in infrastructure promotes economic activity and creates good paying jobs.

Developing Our Workforce

With vocational support organizations, apprenticeship programs, and engagement by our community college, people working endless hours at low wages jobs will have training to get a better job. That’s why I will fight for workers’ rights — whether on the farm, the office, warehouse or the construction site — stating with raising the minimum wage to a livable wage.

Creating Opportunities in Hemp Manufacturing

Pennsylvania is in a unique position to invest in hemp and cannabis cultivation, production, and manufacturing. With local farms leading the way, we can connect rural communities to the international market by creating sustainable and biodegradable hemp products.